lightning conductor testing

Damaging thousands of properties every year, lightning is one of the deadliest natural phenomena that can cause serious damage, including fire or even explosions.

By providing a low resistance path for the lightning energy discharge, lightning protection systems are an essential investment that will help to protect modern appliances, electrical systems or even the entire property and the people inside.

Designed to protect against damage caused by high voltage Lightning strikes, which can often exceed 1,000,000,000 volt amps, a Lightning conductor can divert the electrical current generated by Lightning strikes and earth them to ensure maximum safety.

All protection and static earthing systems must be fully inspected and tested by competent personnel using calibrated test equipment. Ny Law, lightning protection testing should be performed in line with the relevant standards (BS EN 62305) at the installation stage and on a regular basis thereafter – at eleven-month intervals.

  • Resistance Testing
  • Continuity Testing
  • Ground / Soil Resisitivity Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Conductor Testing